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At The Heart Of Healing

An Interview With Stephen Levine

We’ve seen that some people’s dying has been a perfect healing, just as we’ve seen that some people, having — so to speak — “cured” cancer, have gone on to live lives that are very unhealed and very separatist, full of anger and judgement and aggrandizement.

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Best Of The 11th Street Ruse

The 11th Street Ruse is a community newspaper/newsmagazine designed to raise the eyebrows and the social/poetical consciousness of the world. So far it has failed. However, it is very popular. Its subscribers number more than 100, mostly paid (not by us).


Serpent’s Tooth

Every evening I watched for my father to turn from the street to our apartment house, but the fox terrier always heard him first. She would spring to the couch and stretch toward the window, tiptoed against the sill, her scrawny bottom balanced on the crowned arch of the sofa top. Instead of barking, Mitzi would whine, wriggling and twisting, until Mother swatted at her with a dish towel, toppling her from the perch. Then down she would leap to the door and quiver there. She was always eager for him, regardless of his condition.

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Being Wrong

As a newly ordained Episcopal priest in a small Texas seacoast town, I was terribly aware of myself. My new jet-black clericals made me look priestly, and I snuck glances at my reflection in store windows. Since the local Roman Catholic priest wore clerical clothes only on Sundays, I felt a little superior. I thought I was a good advertisement for the Episcopal Church.

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You’ve never seen death? Look in the mirror every day and you will see it like bees working in a glass hive.

Jean Cocteau

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