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December 1990


Dan Barker lives in Portland, Oregon. He runs the Home Gardening Project and is a textile artist, working with metallic threads and satins in his “American Tanka” series, based upon ancient Tibetan art.


Mark David DeBolt is a writer in Piqua, Ohio.


Tom Hansen teaches at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota. His work appears in Anima, Prairie Schooner, and New Letters Review of Books.


Myra McLarey teaches in Harvard’s Expository Writing Program. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Josip Novakovich teaches at Nebraska Indian Community College in Santee, Nebraska. A collection of his short stories, Salvation and Other Disasters, will be published by Paris Review Editions.


Cat Saunders is a therapist in private practice in Seattle, Washington. She is a columnist for Inner Woman and a regular contributor to The New Times, where portions of her interview with Ram Dass previously appeared.


Sparrow says he’s no longer shy, but apparently writes as if he’s shy, “because when I meet people who know me from my writing, they seem appalled that I never stop talking.”


On The Cover

John Kay is a poet, photographer, and teacher living in Germany with his wife Susan, and Maggie, an aging Airedale. (Susan is the woman in the leaves on the cover.)


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