Gray Rain At Graceland | By Michael Ventura | Issue 259 | The Sun Magazine

Gray Rain At Graceland

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Every month, I read The Sun cover to cover. Often the essays and poetry have the empty feel of masturbation, and I ask myself what the point is in sharing these private thoughts with the world. Most publications would consider such material self-indulgent. Then I remember that the desire to share our inner lives is hard-wired into us, and I am grateful that The Sun offers a venue where this is possible.

I was moved by two essays in the July 1997 issue: “Gray Rain at Graceland,” by Michael Ventura, and “Sources of Nourishment,” by Alison Luterman. Both were beautifully written and transcended the temptation to wallow in self-importance. The authors addressed matters that affect all of us, and did so from an introspective, questioning point of view. The Sun should publish more works that not only reveal the authors’ souls, but our connections to each other.

Jaime Brittain Spencer, Indiana
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