Yes, You Are a Revolutionary! | By Sparrow | Issue 327 | The Sun Magazine
327 - Elliott - Sparrow

Yes, You Are a Revolutionary!

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If conservative pundits seek fodder for their rants about the Left, they need look no further than the March issue of The Sun. Starhawk [“Webs of Power”] writes and speaks eloquently, but undermines her own credibility by delving into “magic” as a protest stratagem. And Sparrow’s downright silly manifesto on revolution [“Yes, You Are A Revolutionary!”] is its own satire: “And, of course, there are explosives and guns.”

I have long considered myself a liberal, but if carrying that card means abandoning all rationality, I’ll throw in the towel and start watching Fox News.

David M. Randall Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sparrow responds:

Has it ever occurred to David M. Randall that silliness might be revolutionary?

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