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October 2023


Dan Leach’s most recent book is the short-story collection Dead Mediums. He lives in South Carolina and is working on a series of essays about trash.


David Mahaffey, an associate editor at The Sun, was once asked to leave a volunteer role for making a haunted house too scary.


Donovan McAbee used to live in a sixteenth-century castle in Scotland. Unfortunately it was adjacent to an air-force base where pilots trained for night missions. He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, a sufficient distance from any airport.


Tom McAllister’s most recent novel is How to Be Safe. He teaches at Temple University and lives in New Jersey, where he is close personal friends with the dogs in his neighborhood.


John Paul Scotto is writing a memoir about hiding his neurodivergence, grieving a flawed friend, and forgiving himself. He encourages you to contact him at


Leona Sevick’s first full-length book of poems is Lion Brothers. She is provost and professor of English at Bridgewater College in Virginia, where she teaches Asian American literature and deploys the contraction y’all unconvincingly.


Jen Silverman is the author of the story collection The Island Dwellers and the novels We Play Ourselves and There's Going to Be Trouble, which is forthcoming from Random house in April 2024. Jen also writes for the theater and TV and draws nihilistic pandas on Instagram: @this_panda_is_sad.


Cheryl Strayed is the author of the memoir Wild. Her essays have appeared in the Best American Essays anthology as well as The New York Times and The Washington Post Magazine. She has made two podcasts: Dear Sugars, with Steve Almond, and Sugar Calling. She lives in Portland, Oregon.



Gina Easley spends her Saturday mornings listening to music and tending to her many houseplants. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.


Ethan Hubbard has traveled as a documentary photographer for more than forty years and has published fourteen books. He lives in Vermont.


David Inscho lives in Bellingham, Washington. His photographs have appeared in Backpacker and Travel Oregon, but his most enduring achievement is the sycamore tree he planted in his front yard twenty-three years ago.


Natalie Leimkuhler’s next birthday will be her ninetieth. She has been photographing since she was thirteen years old and loves looking back at a lifetime of work. She lives in California.


Susan Lirakis lives in New Hampshire. Her most recent project is making portraits of mothers and daughters she previously photographed in the 1980s.


Marlon Webster Paine is pursuing a graduate degree in history at the University of South Carolina. He spends his free time hiking, surfing, and studying mysticism.


Tony Schanuel is a photographer, digital artist, and painter from Missouri. His work has been exhibited at the Florence Biennale and accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


Elizabeth Ungerleider is a psychotherapist and photographer. For more than ten years she has been creating a daily visual diary of her life in Vermont.


Marc Ward is an artist and photographer who makes his home on the sloped land of east Tennessee with his wife, Kathy.


Lisa Whiteman is happiest when taking photos of people, whether they’re senior citizens on roller skates, young boys in a boxing gym in Cuba, or her heavily photographed (and patient) children. She lives in Maplewood, New Jersey.


Harry Wilson is a retired professor of art and a somewhat-overlooked, intrepid photographer who lives in Nevada. His photos will be on exhibit at the Sierra Arts Gallery in Reno in December.


On The Cover

Reuben Rios took this month’s cover image at a Día de los Muertos celebration in Chicago, where he lives. The model, his niece Isabel, is dressed as La Catrina. She did her own makeup. You can follow Rios on Instagram: @organicindustrial.

image © Lisa Whiteman

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