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The Life Of Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a British pathologist, bacteriologist, and practicing physician turned herbalist. He is most known in conventional medical history for his discovery of a new system of vaccination, less so for the herbal remedies he found to replace it. Early in his career, while working at the University College Hospital, and in private practice, he observed that the same treatment did not always cure the same disease in all his patients and that those with a similar personality would often respond to the same remedy. Conversely, those of a different temperament, though diagnosed as having the same disease, seemed to need a different remedy. He saw that many people were not cured; their pain was merely alleviated and their symptoms suppressed. He wished to find a simple method of healing the whole person, even those with diseases thought chronic and incurable. Bach realized that the majority of the medical profession was so concerned with the particular disease that they ignored anything other than the patient’s bodily symptoms. The notion of psychosomatic medicine, that many bodily illnesses are mental in origin, had not yet become accepted. Dissatisfied, Bach began to look for other methods of healing and thus became interested in a branch of medicine called the Immunity School.

Real Radio. FM 107

An Alternative View Of Alternative Radio: Some Words From The Man Who Started It All

More than any other person, Robert Chapman is responsible for the creation of WDBS. If it weren’t for Chapman, DBS would probably still be a campus AM station at Duke, and 107.1 FM would be the FM soul voice of WSRC, the black-format daytime AM station in Durham.