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Ariane Conrad

Ariane Conrad, also known as the Book Doula, is an editorial consultant specializing in nonfiction books about world-changing ideas. Most recently she collaborated with labor leader Ai-jen Poo on The Age of Dignity, which is forthcoming in early 2015. She lives in Berlin, Germany, where she grows arugula, mint, and rosemary on her balcony.

— From February 2015
The Sun Interview

The Hand We’re Dealt

Dalton Conley Asks Why Some People Get Ahead And Others Fall Behind

Only two measurable socioeconomic aspects of the parents really matter in predicting who succeeds: the parents’ education, which is the most important, and the family’s wealth, which is the second most important. By “wealth” I don’t mean how much the parents make a year. I mean net worth, including savings, property, and other financial resources.

February 2015
The Sun Interview

Water, Water Everywhere

Ran Ortner’s Love Affair With The Sea

If I could convey the ocean’s paradoxes, its ferocity and tenderness, in the same image, I could possibly awaken the viewer to a place where language drops away. By setting these massive, lush paintings in the artificial environment of the contemporary gallery, I intend to make it feel astonishing, to have an impact so immediate that it becomes what Kafka called an “ax for the frozen sea inside us.”

June 2012
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