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Bill Herron

Bill Herron says, “I am 35 years old and live in Asheville, N.C. I work at the YWCA in an after-school program and type at my first novel each day for as long as I can stand it. My first book of poetry (American Peasant) was published in Chapel Hill by Carolina Wren Press. I believe that America’s materialism is eating away at the capacity for vision among our people.”

— From October 1978

Byron And The Owl

Byron was born and raised in the City, but he was very unhappy there. He went to work every day in an office with bright lights and soft furniture, and though the people he worked with always seemed to have fun, he was usually unhappy. “I feel out of place,” he’d say, and he’d dream of the forests, rivers, and skies he had seen on camping trips to the mountains.

October 1978
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