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Carl-Michal Krawczyk

Carl-Michal Krawczyk, a Brit of Polish extraction, is now a permanent resident of the United States. He wrote and hosted the thirteen-part Public Broadcasting System series “Images Of America” and has won two national literary awards for fiction. He lives with his wife in Marietta, Ohio, where he teaches history at a community college.

— From April 1993

A Soccer Hooligan In America

We’re on this Greyhound bus heading down to an American football stadium in New Orleans for the England v. USA preliminaries of the World Soccer Championships. About ten of us all told, England supporters every last one.

April 1993

He Wears Black

I am a German man. That is clear. But I am born in the year 1955. Ten years after the war is over and so, I am having nothing to do with that war. I am part of the new people in Germany.

November 1990
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