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Carol Hoppe

Carol Hoppe returned to the U.S. recently from seven years in Germany, Greece, and Austria. She lives in Chapel Hill and teaches in the Chapel Hill public schools.

— From April 1981

English Lessons

“Oh.” I couldn’t bring myself to say it — not yet. But she knew I’d understood and continued cheerfully. “Sometime we dig, we find a body — a hand, a foot. One student find pop — then he buried there, too.”

April 1981


I arrive late, as usual, paper ends flapping from my briefcase, crumbs clinging to my coat after a crackers-and-cheese lunch between stoplights. Picking my way across the muddy yard from my parking place in a tow-away zone, I glance at the glassed-in central staircase of the high school to check the time.

August 1980
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