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Daniela Kuper

Daniela Kuper lives in Ventura, California, where she spends her time writing fiction and building miniature rooms that tell a story of imaginary inhabitants. Her recent creations include an illustrator’s studio, the Charlie Chaplin suite of a Parisian hotel, and a grand-piano music room.

— From May 2022

Good Housekeeping

How could she tell her son that although she bathes, puts on clothes, laughs at Colbert, and has conversations with people, people don’t know. They don’t have a clue they’re talking to a bunch of scattered molecules trying to imitate a human being.

May 2022

Holy Ghost

At first I thought it was learning or wisdom. Then it came to me: my husband was a ghost; he had nothing but what he could steal from people. He could take the things they cared about most. It was his great gift.

March 1996

Italian Supper

A woman prays her husband will never stop looking when she undresses. We’ve come so much further than that. Chuck doesn’t notice me at all.

February 1992
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