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David Belsky

David Belsky has just moved from Chapel Hill back to New York. He writes, “Luckily, New York has been relatively empty for Memorial Day weekend, but Central Park was mobbed — roller disco; a developing fight which my ex-roommate wanted to witness but I didn’t; a little girl, with a gentle face, who danced to African music; a magician who made cards shrink: all within an hour, among much more. It’s hard not to live in the moment here.” David was an editorial assistant at THE SUN and says he remains one in spirit.

— From July 1980
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An Interview With Daphne Athas

From the minute you’re born you somehow know. But the blinders that are put up by society, and by legislated rules, are what people think of as truths. They’re not truths at all. They’re lies. They are confinements compared to the cosmic knowledge that exists.

July 1980
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