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Dawn Paul

Dawn Paul is the editor of Corvid Press, and her novel The Country of Loneliness will be published by Marick Press in 2009. She lives in Beverly, Massachusetts.

— From April 2009

This Late Hour

She stopped taking the medicines when it had become clear they were no longer of any use. They had crowded her dreams with demons and angels from some nocturnal Disneyland. Now that she was done with them, her dreams were her own.

April 2009

A Heart In Port

“Tripoli, Havana, Cyprus, Panama, San Juan.” My mother ticks off the names of the places she has lived, chanting them like a prayer. She married my father, a navy man, and followed him from post to post. When I was very young, young enough to sit with her in the middle of the day drinking milk from a plastic cup while she had her afternoon coffee, she would tell me about those places.

October 2006
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