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Emily Rinkema

Emily Rinkema is terrified of sinkholes and spiders. She has chosen to live in northern Vermont, where both are usually on the smaller side. You can follow her on Twitter: @emilyrinkema.

— From November 2021
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Between Notes

I add thirty-eight points to Dad’s side of the scorecard. “You’re kicking my ass,” I say. He gathers the cards and begins to shuffle, his hands clumsy, the cards slipping out onto the table. “Let me,” I say, but he says he can do it, that it’s his turn.

November 2021

The Wake

The phone rings during dinner. The break in the silence is a relief, but I don’t move. In fact, I pretend I don’t even hear it. I’m fifteen and angry at my father for making me stay home again on a Friday night. He pretends not to hear the phone either.

March 2005
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