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Emma Duffy-Comparone

Emma Duffy-Comparone’s fiction has appeared in the annual Pushcart Prize anthology, Ploughshares, and One Story, and she has received scholarships from the Bread Loaf and Sewanee Writers’ conferences. She lives in Quincy, Massachusetts, and teaches at Tufts University.

— From November 2015


It wasn’t even lunch yet, and Helen had a plagiarism situation on her hands. Becky Fairchild: chipper with lots of teeth, field-hockey captain, hair ribbons in Hadley Academy colors every Friday, scones and effusive thank-you notes for teachers at Christmas, clothes from the kind of catalogs that Helen sometimes flipped through wistfully on the toilet.

November 2015

Marvel Sands

After my dad ran off with a bank teller with great teeth, my mom and I moved in with her boyfriend, Ronny. I was fifteen and needed a job, so I applied for a position at Marvel Sands State Beach, and I was hired. During the day I sat in a booth at the entrance of the parking lot and sold tickets. I liked it out there, especially in the morning when fog curled around the booth.

December 2013
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