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John Fulton


John Fulton teaches at the University of Massachusetts Boston and enjoys getting around the city by bike. He’s the author of three books of fiction, including The Animal Girl. His newest book, The Flounder, is forthcoming from Blackwater Press.

— From April 2022


It was true what Mrs. Berry said: no one expected to see an old woman in a muscle car, a red and black Mustang convertible with a scooped hood and an engine that ran with a throaty hum.

April 2022


The strangest remnant of William was a red party balloon that he had inflated and given to Gary as a joke on his fifteenth birthday, long after Gary had outgrown balloons. William’s sense of humor had been peculiar, but well-meaning. The balloon said, Happy Birthday. Gary stared through the stretched membrane at the invisible breath of his dead father.

February 2001
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