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John Vurro

John Vurro lives in New Jersey. When he isn’t wishing that video stores were still around, you can find him sitting on a park bench eating cantaloupe and reading Melville. His debut novel, Play, Rewind, is forthcoming from Tortoise Books.

— From June 2024
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


His inability to tell me when he’s sick, the most baseline, possibly the easiest thing to express, means he isn’t expressing a million other needs that are harder to pin down: If his shoes are too tight. If his ear hurts. Once, my son was walking funny. When I looked at his foot, he had a bee stinger sticking out from his toe. Being a parent of a disabled child means I can’t assume anything. I am taking care of his needs, and if I miss a need he can’t express, I’m failing him. I’m always failing him.

June 2024
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