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Julia Hardy

Julia Hardy is the associate editor of Theta magazine, published by the Physical Research Foundation in Durham.

— From April 1977
The Sun Interview

An Interview With David Stewart

I’m a Missourian. I grew up right on the Mississippi River. The most important part of my childhood was spent just wandering in the woods. I spent a lot of time in nature. Mostly alone. If I could, I’d get a friend to go with me, but usually I’d walk their legs off. There were a lot of caves and real high bluffs, things to explore.

April 1977
The Sun Interview

An Interview With Jerry Solfvin

The out-of-body experience seems to be the closest thing that people report to death . . . In an out-of-body experience, people report that their consciousness can move to different physical locations, can roam about without the body, in some presumably immaterial form.

December 1976
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