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Kerry Hudson

Kerry Hudson lives in Gainesville, Florida, and studies environmental law at the University of Florida. He used to make things out of wood and rocks and glass — some useful, some just to look at. He thought he could study law and still make things, but that was silly.

— From January 2020
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Abby has a progressive congenital disorder, fatal, and lives her young life with a deep-running current of wisdom in her spirit, a quiet equanimity to her understanding of what it means to be alive in a day that the rest of us can only feel as hint and shadow.

January 2020


Believe this. In the bed is a man. Frail, white, diaphanous skin shows through the purple of blood vessels that map his arm lying bare on the sheet. Jaws work soundlessly. He is thinking. The past slowly draws forward from far away and the present fades, becomes wispy and fades away, and this means he is dying.

November 1993
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