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Margaret Hasse

Margaret Hasse lives a few hours from the headwaters of the Mississippi River, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where her poems have been stamped onto city sidewalks and displayed on public transportation. She is the author of five collections of poetry, including two that received the Midwest Poetry Prize. In her sixties she biked across the surprisingly hilly state of Iowa, and she has the leg muscles to prove it.

— From September 2018

That Summer Abroad

Joanne, have we ever been so free as then? / We’d change destinations / on a whim, Rome one day, / hitchhiking to Brindisi the next.

September 2018


Our high-school principal wagged his finger / over two manila folders / lying on his desk, labeled with our names — / my boyfriend and me, / called to his office for skipping school.

June 2017
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