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Maria Black

Maria Black returned to school in her fifties to earn an MFA and now runs a writing group from her home in western Massachusetts. Though she has a devoted husband, kind children, and an obedient dog, she still worries, complains, and bites her fingernails.

— From March 2020

Mark On The Cross

MARK HOHN, a handwritten sign said. DEC. 19, 2013. 17 YRS. Here’s what struck me like a bus. It happened to be Dec. 19. He’d died exactly two years earlier. I sat on the ground before the cross and told myself to pay attention, that this was no coincidence.

March 2020

The Birthday Present

The last time I’d seen Madame was right after I returned from Hazelden, a fancy drug- and alcohol-rehab center in Minnesota. It was now a year later, and my birthday, but considering the circumstances you’d think I wouldn’t have to remind her not to buy me wine.

May 1996
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