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Michele Herman


Michele Herman has two books coming out in 2022: her debut novel, Save the Village, and a poetry chapbook, Just Another Jack: The Private Lives of Nursery Rhymes. She lives in New York City.

— From November 2021
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

A Mitzvah In Paramus

On a soaking-wet August day I stood under an umbrella in a Jewish cemetery in Paramus, New Jersey. Though the man we were burying hadn’t been particularly observant, the service was Orthodox, and everyone followed protocol: the other women and I huddled to the side while the men lifted the heavy casket.

March 2008

How The Winds Are Laughing

But adrenaline, my old friend from early motherhood, has come back to me, and I have taken up with her. I let myself be seduced by her charms, grab her hands for a tango, even though I know her game, the way she sticks around just long enough to see me through everyone else’s crises and then splits when I really need her.

July 2004
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