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Peggy Payne

Peggy Payne has published stories in Ms., Cosmopolitan, McCall’s, The New York Times, and several literary magazines. She writes in an office in Raleigh, North Carolina and lives in Chatham County with her husband Bob Dick.

— From November 1986

The Pure In Heart

The voice is unmistakable. At the first intonation, the first rolling syllable, Swain wakes, feeling the murmuring life of each of a million cells. Each of them all at once. He feels the line where his two lips touch, the fingers of his left hand pressed against his leg, the spears of wet grass against the flat soles of his feet, the gleaming half-circles of tears that stand in his eyes. His own bone marrow hums inside him like colonies of bees. He feels the breath pouring in and out of him, through the damp, red passages of his skull. Then in the slow way that fireworks die, the knowledge fades. He is left again with his surfaces and the usual vague darkness within. He turns back around to see if Julie has heard.

November 1986
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