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Priscilla Rich

Priscilla Rich is a photographer and mother of four who lives in the country near Boone, North Carolina.

— From August 1985
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Soul On Ice?

If you’re looking for a way to control your money from the grave and religious promises of spiritual immortality don’t grab you, then your brass ring may be cryogenic internment.

April 1976
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The New Age — An Introduction

The New Age — what is it, anyway? Another fad? A hustle? In a society so given to instant enlightenment and the quick buck, slogans like this, especially when they’re used to sell everything from shampoo to magazines, are as suspect as Guru Maharaji in his silver Maserati.

February 1976
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Peopletalk: Language And Other Expressions

Language, more than anything else, separates man from other animals. It plays a dominant role in shaping our conceptions about the world. Language is a means of transmitting and storing information, generally with words or other symbols.

January 1976
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The Mystery Within The Mystery

What makes a woman, or a man? Either sex is inhabited by the opposite sex; biologically speaking, it is simply the addition of one x or y chromosome that tips the scales. Is sex merely a genetic difference, or is there something else?

November 1975
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Psychic Healing

You won’t find their names listed by the American Medical Association. There’s no degree on the wall. The knives they use for surgery might be rusty, or they might use no knives at all. Yet, thousands of ailing people have, for centuries, reported miraculous cures by psychic healers.

September 1975
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

How Do You Get Your Thumb To Say Cheeze?

Kirlian Photography And The Human Aura

The human aura has been reported by psychics for thousands of years. These independent yet similar reports of a visible glow around the human body suggest that the aura does exist, at least in the mind of the beholder. The question is: “What is the human aura?”

June 1975
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