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Rasa Gustaitis

Rasa Gustaitis is an editor of Pacific News Service in San Francisco, Ca. and used to work for the New York Herald Tribune and the Washington Post. She says, “I like to think of myself as a practitioner of life-affirming journalism: the kind of writing that nurtures the many new shoots of the planetary culture that are now beginning to grow in the cracks of the disintegrating social and economic fabric and in the space opening up to the future. It’s either that or mobile home parks in the sky. How one writes feeds either the one or the other.”

— From October 1979
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Why The News Spreads Fear Rather Than Light

If there is no way to separate story and story teller, there is no way to avoid facing the fact that the press never simply covers news. It defines and authenticates certain ways of seeing. It does this by the way it focuses, the way it names, by its choice of authenticating authorities and of story parameters.

October 1979
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