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Robert P. Cooke

Robert P. Cooke is a retired teacher and safety trainer. He enjoys sitting at the kitchen table, writing poetry and looking out the window at his wife’s flowers. He lives in Highland, Indiana.

— From March 2024

Mountain Flowers

When I was sixteen, / pickup truck, load of hay, / there was nothing I’d rather see / from the window than women’s underwear / hanging on a backyard clothesline.

March 2024

Lumps of Coal

He was ten and drove a team of mules / through the shadows in mine shafts, / pulling a wagonload of coal / that glinted in the carbide light / anchored to his cotton cap.

January 2024

Selected Poems

from “Reading Lu Yu in Winter” | I wonder how he was able to bear the cold of China, / Traveling the rivers and outpost roads. / The fires he wrote about were always small, / A few willow twigs or scraps of bark.

October 2012

Leaning Back In My Chair, Feet Up On The Garden Table

I find nothing to do / And fall asleep under the sun / Near my wife’s peony beds.

August 2011

In The Third Century B.C.

I’m growing fatter at each winter’s coming. / My wineglass filling up again / As I sit behind the wall of my garden.

November 2009

An Anthology Of Chinese Poetry

“All has come to nothing,” he writes. / In old age his clothes are tattered and thin, / His hut without a door; sick, / He suffers bad dreams.

April 2007
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