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Shuly Xóchitl Cawood


Shuly Xóchitl Cawood teaches online writing workshops and raises orchids at her home in Tennessee. Her new poetry collection, Something So Good It Can Never Be Enough, is forthcoming in September.

— From August 2023

Poem In Which I Fail To Teach My Dog How To Fetch

Here, I call, using the sweet voice the vet psychiatrist recommended, not the hell no one I prefer. Here, I call again.

August 2023

My Mother Says She Does Not Know How To Cook

“How did you make this?” she always asks. “A recipe,” I tell her. No magic trick. No skill. Just buying ingredients, following directions, not varying from what I’m supposed to do.

December 2021


My great-aunt was not the type of lady to smoke / out on the porch. No, she lit up in her living room, and up / and down the stairs, and in her bedroom on hot / Mississippi nights with the windows thrown open.

May 2020
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