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Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills has been active in the ecology movement for more than thirty years, and in 1996 Utne Reader named her as one of the world’s leading visionaries. Her books include In the Service of the Wild (Beacon Press), Whatever Happened to Ecology?, and Turning Away from Technology (both Sierra Club Books). She lives in the Great Lakes bioregion in the upper Midwest.

— From August 2002
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

A Simpler Than Average Life

Details are my delight. In the country, many of the details have minds of their own: lady beetles crowding around, seeking winter hibernacula; knapweed flourishing everywhere; a raccoon and her pudgy kits climbing a cherry tree; a crow japing overhead. All this living, self-willed detail informs me in ways that cities no longer do.

August 2002
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The One Who Steals The Fat

At century’s end, we’re consumers, not gatherers or producers. We’re at the mercy of dimly understood industrial processes and long lines of supply. Being at such removes — practical, geographic, and technological — from our sustenance, most of us are ignorant of the source of our tap water and the provenance of our food.

January 2001

The Love Story

We swore to do it till death do us part and neither of us crossed our fingers. That, in itself, was rather a miracle. We were hardly speaking at the time. “I will” was a long conversation.

August 1986
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Hard Learning: A Diary

May 1. My vanity was injured because my self-revelation, my skilled dissection of my outsize half of the relationship, didn’t beguile him.

February 1984
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