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Susan Wallin

Susan Wallin joined THE SUN last year after six years at Car and Driver in Michigan. She lives in Carrboro, N.C.

— From March 1983
The Sun Interview

Still Moving

An Interview With Tai-Chi Teacher Jay Dunbar

I’d been taking dance all my life — first ballet, then modern — so when I signed up for Tai-Chi, I thought of it as a dance class with all the attendant sweat, joys, and wear and tear on the body. At first Tai-Chi seemed tame and slow — no one was doing pirouettes in front of the mirrors. During one of those early classes, Jay Dunbar, my teacher, said something that caught my attention immediately: “Until people are thirty, they work on building up their muscles. When they get older, it’s more important to build inner strength. That’s what Tai-Chi is all about.”

March 1983
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