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Tatjana Soli


Tatjana Soli was born in Austria and now lives in Southern California with her artist husband. Her debut novel, The Lotus Eaters (St. Martin’s Press), will be published this summer.

— From January 2010

The Sweet And The Salt

My maman told me the story of the olden days, when the sun was a sweet orange in the sky. All the days, she said, were buttery, the rivers ran rich like melted coin, and the people were happy as often as not. My maman, she told me that when the Troubles came, even God in his house could not help us, and he squeezed down on that orange sun, but the juice that should have been sweet, when it met this world, it turned to salt; it filled the oceans, and it came out of the people’s eyes.

January 2010
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