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Returning To Beauty

An Interview With James Applewhite

College taught me many things, little of which it intended. From its textbook atmosphere I drew a vivid picture of who I wasn’t; from my groping rebellion I took an education. Still, there were moments . . . like a poetry class in which I tried to coax images toward meaning and a professor’s back-handed compliment encouraged me more than he knew. It was my first real attempt at poetry — an emotional vision with shifting edges called “Is Love An Illusion?” — that Duke Poet-in-residence James Applewhite held up as a classroom example.

The Sun Interview

Blessed Ignorance

An Interview With Donald Michael

This interview, which appeared in the September 1983 issue of The Esalen Catalog, is a valuable statement about acknowledging our ignorance.

Donald Michael, internationally recognized for his work in long-range planning, is professor emeritus of Planning and Public Policy and professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan. He’s the author of four books, including On Learning To Plan And Planning To Learn.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

The Perils Of Publishing

The key to library purchases for a newly, published book is the Library of Congress subject heading — those doo-dads you see on the page opposite the title page, under the words, “The Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data.” Many a book has been lost (and not a few saved) by these crucial entries, called “subject tracings.” So when TCLFMBB was ready for the printers, I spent some time on the telephone with the Library of Congress folks, trying to persuade them to give me more generic, less specific categories, such as, “Love, Young” or “Basketcases, Care and Feeding Of,” rather than “Milam, Lorenzo Wilson.”

Cults And Mystics

Cults and mystics, mystics and cults — the two of them entered my head the other day like a happy couple holding hands along a dappled springtime path, necks bending slightly now and then as if to pass some secret word, some shared hope, some grinning recollection. Cults and mystics, mystics and cults.



When she was three and he was sixty-five, she came with her parents and her sister and stayed the winter.

It snowed, first a soft, dry snow that crunched underfoot, then a wetter snow that fell every day until it was more than two feet deep. Snowplows kept some of the roads open, and the plowed roads were the only practical places for walking without snowshoes.

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Readers Write

My Journal

My journal has run for half my life. It began in a spiral notebook at age 15. Now I treasure that notebook, its pronouncements on God and the universe alternating with speculations on whether certain girls liked me. Teenagers sure know what’s important.

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Truth is error burned up.

Norman O. Brown

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