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Visions Of The Possible

An Interview With Jean Houston

“When you befriend your own brain,” Jean Houston says, “a great deal becomes possible.” At forty-five, with more than twenty years of indexing such human possibilities behind her, Houston’s credentials are impressive. Since her early years as an off-Broadway actress, she’s been an archaeologist, an author, a behavioral scientist, an educator, and a cutting-edge explorer of latent human capacities.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Cousin Hans

The last time I played doctor with anyone, I mean really played doctor, it was with my sister Leslie. She was sort of a pill about it, if you want to know the truth: bossing me around, put your legs up, lean over, turn around — just like a real doctor. I didn’t enjoy it too much.

The Message Of St. Francis

This is the time for the celebration of the coming of the Christ. But instead of speaking of the Christ today, I would like to bring forward another figure who is termed a “Christian,” because I feel that he may better exemplify your own dilemma. Now who, and why?


Birds Don’t Get Well

Their singing was always marvelous to Kenny, sort of faraway loud and harmonizing with nothing in his life as he lay in his room Sabbath mornings with rejoicing voices next to his window, and through the heavy black-red brick wall not seven feet from his panes. (“If anybody asks you where I’m goin, I’m goin up yonder to be with the Lord.”)

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Readers Write

My Favorite Joke

My dad loved a good practical joke. There was one fellow at the shop who was a bit of a stick-in-the mud about some of the joking that went on. So one day they wired his metal lunch box. He picked it up, and when he opened it, 110 volts, ka-whammy!

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“The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life.”

George Carlin

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