Issue 114 | The Sun Magazine

May 1985

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My Favorite Joke

A canary with a machine gun, socks, a whiz-bomb

By Our Readers


The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life.

George Carlin

The Sun Interview

Visions Of The Possible

An Interview With Jean Houston

For many years, I’ve been doing basic research into the nature of human capacities — neurological, psychological, psycho-physical, creative capacities — and after twenty years and three thousand research subjects, and perhaps several hundred thousand seminar participants, we feel that we have some perspective on what human beings can be. This leads us to believe that we have barely begun to use our capacities and in fact could not have begun to use them before today, except in very isolated, remarkable instances.

By Howard Jay Rubin
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Cousin Hans

Buddy has to cry out with all his force in his seven-year-old body, trying to get his father to believe that he has done nothing wrong, nothing wrong at all; and in this act of trying to convince him that he is not wrong, he is wrong, and must get punished for that.

By Lorenzo W. Milam
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Message Of St. Francis

In the power of the song of that bird, he understood, and what he understood is that the way to love God, and the only way, is to hear his voice in everything — in the song of a bird, in the cry of the dying, in the scream of the mad, in the despair of the leper, in the embrace of the lovers, in the rattle of the hooves of horses on the street.

By Bartholomew

Birds Don’t Get Well

Kenny sat thinking one day after they moved to the city where they lived on Palmwood Avenue, a brick street where sparrows seep-seeped washing themselves in the city dust by the curb.

By William K. Bottorff