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The Gift Of Sexual Energy

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As good friend to THE SUN magazine, I feel the need to object to the publication of the “Bartholomew” writings. Is the magazine so short of publishable material that it must publish the lectures of this very glib, very smug ghost? Or does the editor believe that we can actually learn something by reading the words of one who is in such marvelous communication with angels? Frankly, I can’t pretend to be untroubled when any writer finds himself singled out to transmit to the rest of us some piece of holy information; particularly when the voice of truth renders itself so comfortably in the language of modern psychology. Anyway, it strikes me as a questionable idea to publish spiritual transmissions in a magazine where the rest of us are simply arguing for the truth, or at least for those poor little truths which men and women mostly have to make do with.

Of course THE SUN will publish what it wants to publish, but there’s no harm in reminding you that there are readers out there — and not just the much feared academic with his unenchanted rational mind — who will always regard the publication of “Bartholomew” and his rhetoric of omniscience as a slur upon THE SUN’s intellectual dignity.

John Rosenthal Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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