Issue 118 | The Sun Magazine

September 1985

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Typographic niceties, OxyGenesis, polo shirts

By Our Readers


Life is a maze in which we take the wrong turn before we have learned to walk.


The Sun Interview

Taming The Mind

An Interview With Roger Guest

Aggression generally is a big problem. So what I would recommend is that first you tame your mind, which is a different way of working with emotions. The first level is to let the transparency of thoughts be seen. Then emotions will also begin to become transparent. So when you’re in a fit of anger the best thing you can do is just hold your seat. Be careful what you do.

By Bradford Evans
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Beautiful Summer In Abano

Travel gets the ashes stirred up, gets the fire moving again. Travel gets the heart agitated. Travel makes the dust motes disappear. Travel makes the eyes light up and the stomach say howdy.

By Lorenzo W. Milam

For You

I did my job. I picked her up when her mother threw her away, I handed her over to the shrink when the time came. I did my job. I’m the stepmother, not abnormally wicked.

By Su Fidler

Listening To The News While Cooking Supper

A habit, but it must change. / Knowing all this makes me responsible — / while I am setting dishes out / some unknown people are, / by my compliance, / being unspeakably wicked!

By Cedar Koons