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Learning To Walk

I have heard a call to walk, just walk, for a long time. But I flew instead to the four corners of the earth. After twenty-five years the call still remained.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Inside The Modern Hospital

This is a disease in which living is called a “clinical benefit” of the treatment, and success is measured in small segments of time during which the person hasn’t died.



She’d been giggling and nervously trying to act her way through a mixer with boys from a slightly classier school when she spied a long-legged, outrageously long-haired, odd bird looking lost by the corner of a table. Feeling suddenly responsible for playing hostess, she approached the stranger boldly as he pulled out a pipe from a deep coat pocket and began fooling around with it in the manner of a total novice. She was fond of his ungainliness already.

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Readers Write

Visiting Parents

Today my mother got locked in the bathroom — she woke me pounding on the door — and I tried to free her with her Lord & Taylor credit card and then by removing the doorknob and finally discovered she’d turned the bottom latch by mistake; she walked out, embarrassed, and kissed me. Was that a visit? I suppose.

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Few are born to do the great work of the world, but the work that all can do is to make a small home circle brighter and better.

George Eliot

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