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Two Worlds

A Letter From Deena Metzger

We’ll see if it works. Not a a daily task, that would be too much to write my life as I live it, but as an occasional exercise, to attempt to record the multiple realities.

Say Ray

Ray Martinez loved the swings in the Children’s Playground. In fact, one particular swing. It was a strange sight, Ray Martinez being the age he was — a grown man, twenty-three years old. Slouched in the web seat of his favorite swing. Gently moving back and forth. His tennis shoes tapping the ground like toe shoes of a ballet dancer. Back and forth. For hours he would sit in the swing, prancing forward and back.


The Wind is a gossip. Not in a malicious way. She just likes to move around and stir things up. She runs through the fire barefoot and has no fear of heights. She carries big blue bowls of rain with her. She plays the flute and loves all kinds of sounds. Her laughter fills the sky. The Wind is a wonderful storyteller. I still remember how she introduced me to the Qualities when I was a child.

Jack And The Beanstalk

Some Thoughts On The Mixing Of Psychology And Religion

To a student with years of experience in spiritual discipline, the suggestion that psychotherapy might be a useful adjunct can seem awful, backward, and possibly traitorous. Secret and not-so-secret voices may bridle “What? The helper helped?” or “No one stands on my feet for me!” or simply “Those quacks!” And yet, the same experience that has served so well in pointing to the wonder of life can also be used to veil and bury difficulties that will hamper deeper understanding if they are not brought to light. It is a delicate and, in some instances, frightening situation — one in which each must make up his or her own mind. It is also an area in which, if rules applied, a rule of thumb might be this: don’t let determination stand as a substitute for true consideration of the possibilities; neither let consideration of the possibilities obscure true determination.


The Love Story

There was a reason I was in a car that got hit, and the reason was love. My husband and I were headed for a certain destination.

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Readers Write

Old Friends

I often cultivate friendships with old people. If they have used their minds and cultivated their souls, they have depth of experience and humanity rarely found in younger people. They have often cleared away most of the garbage encumbering human relationships and operate more directly from the core.

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The friend does not count his friends on his fingers; they are not numerable.


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