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The Hero’s Journey

A Talk By Joseph Campbell

You leave the world of social achievement and try to find the inner power and harmony that is missing. The problem is, what are you going to do with society while you’re on this trip?


There is . . . a basic, ineffable, haunting guilt that I have been unable to escape in my relationship with any woman. It all comes back to me, with great force, here at the center of a circle of love and sex.

Pennies From Grandma

Best of all were the birds. . . . How there could have been so many, how there could have been such color in the midst of Bristol, I do not know; or even what part of the image after more than thirty years is factual. Memory becomes reality, and it is magic to me.


Life And Death

A cold rain beat on the canopy over the grave site. John pulled down the brim of the walking hat she’d gotten him on their ramblings through Ireland. Just before he stepped under the canopy, he glanced up at the sky and recalled when his father had died.

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Readers Write


I regret being in California when my grandmother died in North Carolina. I regret that the last time I saw her, we both knew it was the last time. I saw in her face the pain this caused her, and the image still haunts me. But most of all, I regret not finishing the book I started to read to her — a soothing, enchanted book from her childhood — before I left her in that ugly nursing home.

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“Worse than war is fear of war.”


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