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The New Age — An Introduction

The New Age — what is it, anyway? Another fad? A hustle? In a society so given to instant enlightenment and the quick buck, slogans like this, especially when they’re used to sell everything from shampoo to magazines, are as suspect as Guru Maharaji in his silver Maserati.

By Sy Safransky & Priscilla Rich Safransky
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Somethyme, It’s The Right Time

Living in a college town has always seemed to be one of the more subtle and better-natured forms of masochism. In its positive and lighter sense this desire for pain manifests itself in the form of cheap, old movies, free umbrellas and unmatched gloves in any lost-and-found worth finding, saunas for the Nordics, free toilet paper for the light-fingered, and the Perkins Library world famous collection of necrobilia on the Dukes of Durham.

By William Gaither
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Channel One

WE ARE ALL CHANNELS, and what we know, what we feel, who we are, determine what we channel. Every day numerous messages channel through us, and the effects of our behavior, our transmission, is powerful and influential.

By Leaf Diamant
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Letter From Boston

The big question, to me right now, is this life style, the entire New Age business, another concrete fantasy?

By Moira Crone
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The Bardic Test

I have been asked to submit my dreams to Bardic tests. For years I have allowed innuendoes from my dreams to slip into my daily affairs. Now my friends and acquaintances have grown weary of dividing these dream outcroppings from my intentional deceptions and mystifications.

By Lamellicorn the Clone (Rob Brezsny)
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Walt Whitman, New Age Poet

His was certainly a transcendental joy, and it colors and suffuses nearly all he wrote. Critics traditionally responded to such spiritual ecstasy with doubt and the inability to comprehend: one has to be in a mystical set — on the way to illumination — before one can be illumined.

By Richard Williams
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What Cost Competition?

Economic theory is sometimes cloaked by a mysterious aura, because it represents an abstraction from physical reality. Yet, there is great potential for the application of economics to provide stable material welfare for all humanity.

By Stephen Steneov
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You Can’t Always Get What You Want . . . Or Can You?

Recently I decided to investigate one of the lesser-known (at least in this area) awareness programs, Silva Mind Control, having been offered a free breeze through the 40-hour training session in exchange for this article. 

By Robert Donnan
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Out Of The Many, One: The Aquarian Promise

Time passes; the progress of life displays itself as the panorama of history. Human growth, the rise and fall of civilizations, follows the inevitable pulse of change as it etches evolution with millennia, epochs, and eras.

By Stephen Martin
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Seth: On The Second Coming

He will not come to reward the righteous and send evildoers to eternal doom. He will, however, begin a new religious drama. . . . As happened once before, however, He will not be generally known for who He is. There will be no glorious proclamation to which the whole world will bow.

By Seth
Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Another Appetite

They say the New Age has arrived, that our consciousness is being raised, that we are witnessing a new stage in our evolution. Though I don’t consider myself a pessimist, it’s hard for me to overlook the spiritual apathy, old-fashioned greed, and general selfishness that seems to pervade our civilization.

By Judy Bratten

Spinach Wilts

It was The New Age and there I was on the elevator — 68th floor, 15th floor, 43rd floor — thinking: bongs will never totally replace joints. Bongs have their place, sure, a big place. But a joint is a . . .

By Karl Grossman