Issue 141 | The Sun Magazine

August 1987

Readers Write

Sunday Mornings

A cloud of golden light, a half-gallon of ice cream, the Book Barn

By Our Readers


My own habitual feeling is that the world is so extremely odd, and everything in it so surprising. Why should there be green grass and liquid water, and why have I got hands and feet?

Don John Chapman

The Sun Interview

The Universe Is Made Of Stories

An Interview With Eaglefeather

One of my hopes is that by telling stories from different cultures, I’m weaving closed some tears in the social fabric of a society that values the white, Christian, male perspective, and shuns and suppresses other ways of seeing. By telling stories from different parts of the world to children all over the world, I hope I’m uniting people by expanding their awareness of each other.

By Sy Safransky
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Pacifism Versus Passivism

On Revolutionary Nonviolence

When the court translators working in the hire of King James chose to translate antistenai as “Resist not evil,” they were doing something more than rendering Greek into English. They were translating nonviolent resistance into docility. Jesus did not tell his oppressed hearers not to resist evil. That would have been absurd.

By Walter Wink
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

When Prayer Is Impossible

I show my mercy toward my screaming baby son by cuddling him; Mary shows hers by cuddling him at times, and poking him with that damned needle at other times. My mercy is made only of light; Mary’s is made of light and darkness and so it is larger and encloses mine.

By Brad Lemley

Demon Meridianum

They raised a shout of “Clair,” yelled things he did not understand, aped the way he walked and the awkward, nasal sound of his speech, made fun of how he wore his pants high on his corpulent midsection, called him “Baby Huey” and laughed.

By Robert Ebisch