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A Spell Without Books

Austin is built on a series of criss-crossing fault lines, the intersections of which cause parts of the city to sag into what might be called “seeps” or “sucks” — places where the earth breathes in and out, sometimes seeping and sometimes sucking.


Jesus Tales

“You see?” he said. “This is Saint Peter. I am the Lord Jesus.” The halos lasted only a second. Then they were gone.

The Dance

During this holiday season, Sharon has gotten into the habit of counting how many of her ex-lovers show up at any given party.

Falling Water

I sense that my preacher friend isn’t playing with a full deck. I suspect he views certain people as angels and remembers them as colors.

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Popcorn strategy, domestic violence, the importance of being cute

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Seek not to follow in the footsteps of men of old; seek what they sought.

Matsuo Basho

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