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An Interview With Charles T. Tart

Dr. Charles T. Tart, one of the world’s foremost experts on altered states of consciousness, thinks that most of us walk around all day in a trance — a daze, a stupor, a sleeplike state wherein our behavior is automatically driven by neurosis and cultural conditioning, with little intervention by our conscious will. At the same time, this “consensus trance,” as Tart calls it, masks and neutralizes the higher powers of consciousness that should serve to distinguish the human being from, say, a state-of-the-art VCR.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Hunches On Childhood

(Or Everything I Want To Say About World Peace)

1. I am a psychotherapist. That is to say, I am an archaeologist and midwife to the human soul. (“The unique role of the analyst, moving to the minutest detail of a person’s history, gives a perspective and clarity to the direct cause and effect — the reactive nature — of childhood experience on later adult behavior.” — Alice Miller) I believe, after fifteen years of doing this work, that what happens in our earliest years has a radical — root — effect upon all that we experience thereafter.

Roses On Fire

Feeling my way toward some understanding of the mystery of death, I find that I must begin by talking about my mother. She was my beginning, at least in this life. Her appearance in my room immediately after she died in a hospital, one-hundred-eighty miles away, was the only time I can say with certainty that I interacted with a “ghost” while I was wide awake.


Bobby D And The Boys

Robert DeNiro is getting into character. He’s been talking to his agent about doing some kind of working-class movie, something set in the steel mills of Gary, Indiana, or the factories of New Jersey. Something gritty that will show the fears and concerns of the men involved in America’s doomed industries.

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Readers Write

Heroes And Heroines

I have long been grateful to the voice inside my head that silences me from time to time, when I am about to put my foot in my mouth. Like the time I was about to tell a great aunt how beautiful her teeth were; I later found out she was very self-conscious about her dentures.

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We are most asleep when awake.

Paul Reps

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