Issue 150 | The Sun Magazine

May 1988

Readers Write

Heroes And Heroines

Margaret Mead, John Lennon, Mister B.

By Our Readers


We are most asleep when awake.

Paul Reps

The Sun Interview

Practical Enlightenment

An Interview With Charles T. Tart

It takes courage to realize, for instance, that you may have been living a life mostly programmed by other people — a life that has nothing to do with your real needs.

By D. Patrick Miller
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Roses On Fire

My mother sang and laughed. She had dark hair that gradually turned silver. She felt that no matter how little the money or how bad the loss, it was OK to have fun.

By Stephen T. Butterfield
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Hunches On Childhood

(Or Everything I Want To Say About World Peace)

The way we hold our children is the way we hold our future.

By Kent T. Hoffman

I Stand Here Ironing

We were poor and could not afford for her the soil of easy growth. I was a young mother, I was a distracted mother. There were the other children pushing up, demanding.

By Tillie Olsen

Bobby D And The Boys

Robert DeNiro is getting into character. He’s been talking to his agent about doing some kind of working-class movie, something set in the steel mills of Gary, Indiana, or the factories of New Jersey.

By Juliet Wittman