Issue 153 | The Sun Magazine

August 1988

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Having Fun

Playing with dolphins, finding things to enjoy, flying kites

By Our Readers


My religion is very simple — my religion is kindness.

Dalai Lama

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Back To The Real World

Reflections On A Course In Miracles

In retrospect I have realized that I could not have been more ready for the first section of the Course workbook, described in its introduction as “dealing with the undoing of the way you see now. . . .” Because my life had not been working, the way I saw things was quite ready to be undone.

By D. Patrick Miller
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Remember Your Essence

You are an essence / in a world of essences.
You burn, / like those around you burn, / with an energy called life.
Life reaches out to life. / Essences sing to each other.

By Paul Williams
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A Dictionary Of Childhood

Because I had found it hard to attend to anything less interesting than my thoughts, I was difficult to teach.

William Butler Yeats,
Reveries over Childhood and Youth (1916)

By Irving Weiss
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

A Wyoming Myth

In January of 1966 an old Crow woman, tired of her age and the palsied chattering of her body, walked from Powder River all the way up Crazy Woman Creek into the Bighorns. She thought she would be as the original Crazy Woman, another Indian dying alone in the snow.

By David Romtvedt


We keep trying to find out. We look at the present and wonder about the past, about how we got here. It’s a question much asked; most people don’t think it’s possible to answer. But the answer is simple. It was Father.

By Donald N. Unger

The Priest Of Halfway

Enos had died that year, pathetically, and Jethro had seen in his eyes before they closed only relief that he no longer had to keep a parallel set of double-entry books for that God. That God was busy all the time, balancing numbers. Jethro had no desire for His heaven, and no fear of His hell.

By Tim Farrington


She was chaste and chased. Miriam saw the men looking at her as she dove into the swimming pool, her body a golden promise.

By Deborah Shouse