Issue 154 | The Sun Magazine

September 1988

Readers Write

Two Worlds

A left-hand turn; a dew-laced web; a piece of blue paper, folded once

By Our Readers


Yet no matter how deeply I go down into myself my God is dark, and like a webbing made of a hundred roots, that drink in silence.

Rainer Maria Rilke

The Sun Interview

The Evolutionary Leap

An Interview With Patricia Sun

I think we’re in the middle of an evolutionary leap, a leap predicted by religions all over the world. . . . We’re in the middle of a leap in our consciousness and capacity to perceive; the way we think and the way we take in information is changing. Psychic phenomena, intuitive ability, healing, and creativity are all a part of this leap.

By D. Patrick Miller

A Night Swim

Phillip Fanno was playing with his food. He gave his pork chop a mashed potato beard and moustache, a julienned-carrot nose and mouth, and, not finding suitable eyes on his plate, cast about the table for them.

By Kay Levine Spencer

Kudzu Dreams

I was a child with a peculiar and passionate hunger for the peppermint in toothpicks when I went on a lion hunt with Opal Lavender, who was my favorite person and one of my own people.

By Susan Hankla

No Pretty Country

I have not been close to my mother. We have been friendly, conventional, conversational — not close. I felt her love as a black hole, waiting to suck me in. I danced cautiously around its rim. Now it is safe to come close. It always was safe.

By Joyce Allen

The Flag-Draped Coffin

Oron flanks left with the small platoon of formally dressed sailors, all in ceremonial blue wool, all armed with parade M-1 rifles. The overcast sky is ashen on this mid-November day, and the wind pulsates bleakly over this little land of the dead.

By Jerry Oglethorpe