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The Great Chain Of Being

An Interview With Ken Wilber

The sage is not interested in experiences; the sage is not interested in being a subject looking at higher objects. . . . The sage doesn’t want to see God — although there is nothing wrong with that — but the sage wants to get rid of the separate “seer” altogether.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Climbing The Stone Face Of Fear

So we’re led abruptly to the paradoxical consideration that the only agent of evil in the world may be fear itself — an emotion that all of us experience. Thus it becomes critically important to understand the nature of fear as it arises within ourselves, so that we can determine whether we can control, reduce, or even eliminate its destructive effects.

Many Alarm Clocks

Once an hour, the beeper on my watch goes off. I use it to remind me to pause and remember, if only for a moment; to draw back the veil, and look at the One who looks back, unblinking.


Buddy’s Story

A few old men were sitting in front of the store, watching a car come through the heat waves. The buzzards rose up from a dead dog to let it pass.

My Date With Marilyn

It must have been a real publicity bust for Marilyn and her people. I mean, here it is thirty years later, and I’ve never seen anything about it in all the flood of words about her since.


The summer I was fifteen my father moved out, my breasts grew in, and my mother told me to call her Eve.

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Readers Write


The accountant, the first lie, the seductive smile

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This person called up and said, “You’ve got to come and take this seminar. It will completely change your life in just one weekend.” And I said, “Well, I don’t want to completely change my life this weekend. I’ve got a lot of things to do on Monday.”

Rick Fields

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