The Perils Of Self-Realization | By Roberto Assagioli | Issue 187 | The Sun Magazine

The Perils Of Self-Realization

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I was drawn to your sample copy and I subscribed.

I respect your sincerity and the openness that directs you to publish unknown writers and artists. It is wonderful that “common” people like myself have a ready forum outside the hopelessness of ever getting published in the few glossy journals around.

But I have decided to cancel my subscription.

I am actively engaged in the process Roberto Assagioli describes [“The Perils of Self-Realization,” Issue 187]. I seek to transform myself into the template of God-consciousness. It is a glorious but difficult task. I have a teacher. I practice ethical living and meditation. I have made progress. But the final goal lies along a path that cuts off past habits and desires with the sharpness of a razor’s edge. One’s thoughts, words, and deeds must be carefully watched and geared toward mystical awareness, divine love, and selfless service.

Sexuality and sexual thoughts direct one’s energy downward and outward. They’re not wrong — just contrary to what is needed for communion with God. Hence, Earl C. Pike’s story “The Path of God,” appearing in the same issue as Assagioli’s essay, seemed odd to me and unpleasant, while Susan Moon’s “Bodies” seemed totally in opposition to the spiritual discipline I wish to achieve. It’s not a matter of suppression — rather one of choice.

I’m sure your readers would disagree with me, and I respect your choice and theirs, but I will not subscribe. Your magazine doesn’t really describe or support the actual work of spiritual transformation.

Sharon Shively Novelty, Ohio
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