Issue 194 | The Sun Magazine

January 1992

Readers Write

Doing Good

A foot massage, two demonic brothers, a thief

By Our Readers


No matter what success I experience, my contentment is never final. I carry with me always a secret desire to die to the old man and rise to the new . . . for hidden in my life is the certainty that no mode of existence can ever fulfill me completely.

Adrian Van Kaam

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

When Nature Is Larger Than Life

Imagine the humbling pause each of us felt to behold the faces of three naked and bruised whales just a few inches away from our own. For two solid weeks the global village never lost eye contact with these three neighborly ambassadors representing the mysterious tribe of great whales.

By Jim Nollman
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Sky’s The Limit

The same day I get the bad news about my gums, I find out the hole in the ozone layer is worse than anyone thought.

By Sy Safransky


I hospitalized an obsessive-compulsive depressive who had been trying to kill himself for four years. Fifty times he’d removed his head from the noose to check the lock on the door, change the color of his socks, tie a better knot.

By Adele Levin

Irving’s Way

I’ve taken one of the self-addressed envelopes you left on your father’s dresser and I’m writing to let you know a little about his first two weeks here at the Home.

By Robert P. Weintraub

The Defense Of Madrid

Neal fell in love with Linda in a single, violent onslaught of emotion, a torrent filled with restaurants, unexpected encounters, and flowers that were never roses.

By Daniel Ward

J. Robert Oppenheimer & The Gypsies

Mark’s forehead smacks against the visor, but he’s held in by the steering wheel. Cindi finds herself in the air, and there is a moment of crazy exhilaration as she sees the jeep spin beneath her, as if some childhood dream of flying has come true.

By Richard Goldstein