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Around The Corner

Water shortages in parts of the U.S. and other countries are currently causing great inconvenience. By that I mean people’s normal routines are being interrupted. Temporarily, at least, habits have changed.

By Daniel R. Koenigshofer
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The New Age Revisited: Whatever Happened To Future Shock?

The cultural changes that threaten us are of our own making, and the future we suffer or enjoy will grow, writhing with change, out of the present.

By David Searls
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Town Hall: The Downtown Blues

I’m probably the wrong one to eulogize Town Hall. Someone with a taste for the crowds and the suds should be sweeping the ashes, humming all the while.

By Sy Safransky
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The Republicans’ Nasty Little Screed

The Republican platform, in and of itself, is simply a nasty little screed, conceived in a moment of disappointment by the forces of Reagan. The monster off-spring of the reactionary right, it is loved only by its parents.

By William Gaither
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Channel One

I am becoming myself. Between becoming and being myself lay a miasma of ancient feelings, values, and perceptions. These are the unknown forces to which I respond by looking everywhere else for the solution, an end to my fears and hunger.

By Leaf Diamant
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

By The Light Of The Moon

The Soul And Its Transformations

The province of the transformations of the soul in western society remains, for the most part, that of medicine and psychotherapy. Mostly, both acknowledge problems, rather than the states of evolution and transformation of the soul.

By Isis
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories


A Path of Responsible Living. That is what is going on now. In the 60s, you were responsible if you were an activist overtly, and now it seems like you are responsible if you are an activist on an introverted level — spiritually.

By Betsy Campbell Blackwell

Tales Of Politics

“What are you — a weirdo?” the man in the cowboy hat and plastic clogs asked me. For hours I had been hanging around the foul-smelling men’s room of the Greyhound bus station in Ishpeming, Michigan waiting for The Wizard. The Wizard was to tell me about the secrets of politics on this planet.

By Karl Grossman

Photographs By Priscilla Rich Safransky

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By Priscilla Rich Safransky