Liberation Marketing And The Culture Trust | By Thomas C. Frank | Issue 279 | The Sun Magazine

Liberation Marketing And The Culture Trust

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My wife and I were considering dropping our subscription, because we were tired of reading stories by people who seem to think that drug and alcohol abuse are a normal part of everyday life. Sometimes I think The Sun pines for the old hippie counterculture days.

But then I read the March 1999 issue, and I remembered why we subscribed in the first place. The interview with John Stauber and the essays by Thomas Frank [“Liberation Marketing and the Culture Trust”] and Dan Barker were the kind that make me change the way I think. And the stories “Stepguy,” by Jennifer Wortham, and “Fritz’s Heart,” by Sybil Smith, were sensitive, tender, and filled with insight. “Fritz’s Heart” should be required reading for all health professionals who care for older people. Writing like this just can’t be found in any other publication.

Frank Snope Barnegat Light, New Jersey
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