Whispered Prayers | By Stephen R. Harrison | Issue 294 | The Sun Magazine

Whispered Prayers

Photographs By Stephen R. Harrison

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As it has taken on the larger questions of the way we live, The Sun has become powerfully subversive, medicinally disorienting. In June, I read the words of the Tibetan exiles photographed by Stephen R. Harrison [“Whispered Prayers”] and was physically struck by the thought We are more like the communist Chinese than we are like these Tibetans.

This month, Vine Deloria and Bill McKibben were a one-two knockout punch. It’s quite an experience to be jarred, even briefly, out of the narcotic trance that we call “the pursuit of happiness,” which is destroying the planet and draining real contentment out of our lives. What to do about it I’m not sure, but no change can begin until our sleep is disturbed.

Annie Gottlieb New York, New York
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