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The Dream Merchants

The tribalization that began in the America of the 1960’s has, like the music and vague talk of revolution that we associate with that era, become a commodity.

Psychic Readings: Facing An Empty Canvas

Why does someone call himself a psychic and begin charging for his services? The motivation is surely as complex as in seeking a psychic’s help. Perhaps it will one day seem no more unusual to go for a reading than for a physical exam at a doctor’s office; but as there are good and bad doctors, there are psychics of every description.

On Prediction

Because each perception is unique, and different from every other perception, it is completely independent: each perception contains the whole of Reality at that instant. Anything that has happened before, anything that may happen — these are not real. Only that which is, is.

Shadow Dancing

As I sit here, in the morning sun, I am aware of how much I want to say. And words seem as distant as the long-awaited rain.


Book Review

The novel opens — “Come into my cell. Make yourself at home. Take the chair. I’ll sit on the cot.” — and from that time on the listener might frown, grow sad, ask a simple question, but mostly he remains, of his own volition, silent. There is something in what the narrator is saying, or in the nature of their relationship, that compels his listener not to speak.

A Secret Garden

Herbs you grow and dry yourself will be fresher, more flavorful, and give you greater satisfaction than store-bought ones. Even if you live in town and have no space for an outdoor garden, you can grow your own herb garden right in the kitchen.

Temple Sweeper

Concentrated or prolonged stress may produce widely varying diseases. Considerable research is being done on this, underscoring the dynamic relationship between mental and physical events, rather than the traditional mind/body dualism.

Zen Plums

The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection
The water has no mind to receive their image.

— Zenrin Kushu

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